Monday, 29 August 2016

Epina Technologies Nigeria Limited

Our Key Services
Our challenge is to improve the domestic manufacturing business and trade so that we can attract investment, provide employment opportunities, and facilitate technology transfer and skills building in all sectors of Nigerian economy.

Ceramics Manufacturing & Training
Epina Technologies Limited is pacing domestic ceramic manufacturing business and practical ceramics training programmes from raw materials processing through process technologies to finished products.
These training programmes assist aspiring and active entrepreneurs in developing innovative ideas into great companies. Courses are delivered by experienced ceramic professionals drawn from within and outside Nigeria.

Conference Organisation
Epina Technologies Limited helps her clients to expand their business horizons in solid minerals processing and ceramic manufacturing arena by inviting them to participate in our conferences, expositions and technical seminars. Our potent seminars and workshops are designed to give individuals, teams, leaders and managers in organizations information needed to make an informed decision on management system, training and engineering.

International Exhibition and Trade Fair
We pride ourselves in organising International Exhibitions and Trade Fair. In August 2014, Epina Technologies Limited organized the 1st International Ceramics Trade Fair in Nigeria. This fair brought professionals in the ceramic industry from all around the globe to discuss, exhibit and share knowledge on pacing ceramics manufacturing business in Nigeria.

Professional Advancement Training
We are aware that there is no algorithm for building and maintaining all-star teams, except through the development of specific training strategies that people and organizations can employ for team engagement in the bottom-line. Our experienced team delivers the course content in a range of forms and through a variety of channels, including books, newspapers and online services.

We design, develop and deliver innovative learning solutions, including eLearning, mLearning and blended learning. We take the world’s most reputable and most innovative people technology products to Nigeria.

Epina Technologies Limited provides consulting solutions in the areas of chemical and mineralogical composition analyses of solid minerals; mechanical and physical properties evaluations; glaze preparation and testing; solid minerals processing; preparation of business investment profile and feasibility studies in ceramics and solid minerals development.

We help our clients to align employees to organizational strategy, improve engagement and encourage personal development.